About US


Bales Hay Sales has grown and sold horse quality alfalfa, Bermuda, and grass mixes in Buckeye, Arizona for over fifty years. We have been Arizona hay farmers for over one hundred years. Our alfalfa and grass is locally grown, with several different grades to meet your feeding needs. Arizona horses need Arizona hay. We have the cleanest alfalfa and grass in the area. We will load it for you, free of charge.


Our alfalfa fields are harvested for 4 years, and then rotated to other crops. We get about 8 cuttings per year, including greenchop cuttings. We make retail bales which are 3-poly twine and average approximately 95 lbs. Our hay is stored in barns so hay is available all year round. To ensure you are getting the quality of hay you are looking for, our loaders are familiar with our grades and will help you find the feed you need.


Our barn is located on our farm headquarters and open 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday. The Retail Barn carries a number of varieties and prices of hay depending on the time of year. All hay is priced by the bale. You can drive back to the barn, where our loaders will help you get exactly what you need, and will stack it onto your truck without charge.


Truckload sales are priced by the ton. In order to get the ton price, you must take a full semi-load, 512 bales. Usually, we can arrange deliveries within a couple of days. All accounts must be paid before the truck leaves the yard. Truckload Hay Prices are subject to market pricing. Call Kathy at 623-386-2988 for information.